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gmp Musitecture # 90 

Flauto dolce con violoncello – baroque chamber music with historic instruments 


gmp Musitecture
Flauto dolce con violoncello - baroque chamber music with historic instruments
Lea Rahel Bader
Flauto dolce
Katharina Glös
18 September 2012, 19:30 hours
gmp Berlin, Hardenbergstrasse 4-5

We ask guests to register by phone or via email by 10 September 2012.

Katharina Glös and Rahel Bader come together for this concert and will be presenting 18th century solos and duets in our intimate and stylish setting. We look forward to the dialogue between the sweet and haunting sounds of the flauto dolce and the full bass of the baroque violoncello.

Sometimes merry and full of verve, sometimes introverted and pensive, and then again poetical and playful. An entertaining musical journey through the rich landscape of baroque chamber music.


Matthew Locke ca. 1630–1677
Suite g-Moll
Fantazie – Pavan – Ayre – Courante – Saraband – Jigg

Jacob van Eyck ca. 1590–1657
Fantasia & Echo für Blockflöte

Jacques Martin Hotteterre 1673–1763
Suite d-Moll (original h-Moll) aus Deuxième livre de pièces pour la flûte traversière et autres instruments avec la basse (1715)
Prelude – Allemande – Courante – Rondeau – Grave – Gigue

Johann Sebastian Bach 1685–1750
Suite C-Dur
Prelude – Allemande – Courante – Sarabande – Bouree I/II – Gigue für Cello

Jacob van Eyck 

Engels Nachtegaeltje für Blockflöte

Joseph M. C. F. Dall‘Abacco 1710–1805

Capriccio I – Capriccio VIII für Cello