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gmp Musitektur #81 

The murdered harpsichord - A musical literary symbiosis 

gmp Musitektur #81 The murdered harpsichord - A musical literary symbiosis            

gmp musitecture
The murdered harpsichord
Where Völckersstraße 14-20, Hamburg
Time 25.11.2010, 7.30pm

Looking ahead The next musitecture
will be in February 2011
Subject Russian composers

On 31st May 1708, an "Imperial Commission" appointed by Emperor Joseph arrived in Hamburg to restore public order in a city that was in a state of chaos. Guild officials and a number of ill-spirited clerics had incited an uprising against the city council. The rebels had already begun to terrorise the populace. Before the Viennese commission could intervene, the workshop of harpsichord makers Carl Conrad and Johann Christoph Fleischer had been wrecked, falling victim to a terror campaign instigated by officers of the Cabinet-Makers’ Guild. The instrument makers naturally did all the cabinet-making work on the instruments themselves, and were therefore branded as scabs by the cabinet-makers. The Fleischer Brothers were rated as "free", i.e. they belonged to no guild, and had been settled in the suburb with the approval of the city council to break the price monopoly of cabinet-makers’ guild officials.







Carlo Gesualdo
Canzon francese del principe
Adam Szvoren Harpsichord
Reader Jörgen Bracker
G F Handel Two cantatas from the Italian Cantatas: Dalla erra amorosa and Piete rose rugiadose
Julia Skripnik Mezzo-soprano
Adam Szvoren Harpsichord
Reader Jörgen Bracker
Bach Partita in D major
Adam Szvoren Harpsichord