World Cities Day Shanghai Forum 2016 – Hamburg: A Growing City, Spaces for Cultural, Social and Economic Changes


In her lecture on 31 October 2016, Dipl.-Ing. Magdalene Weiß will focus on innovative urban design using Hamburg’s HafenCity as an example; in the context of the "World Cities Day – Shanghai Forum 2016" in China, the architect, who is an Associate Partner at gmp, will talk about the development of the growing metropolis in northern Germany, particularly under the aspects of social, spatial, and cultural change.

31 October 2016
World Cities Day – Shanghai Forum
Lecture by Dipl. Ing. Architect Magdalene Weiß
14-18 h

Shanghai, Baotun Road. No. 433,
Shanghai Design Center South Pavilion
Mumian Room

As a growing city, Hamburg represents a rich scenario for discussing the challenges associated with rapid development. In the past, the task of providing access to urban spaces also meant that old parts of the city had to be revitalized. On 31 October 2016, Dipl.-Ing Architect and Associate Partner at gmp, Magdalene Weiß, will talk about "Hamburg – A Growing City" in the context of the "World Cities Day – Shanghai Forum 2016", taking HafenCity as an example.

World Cities Day, which takes place on 31 October, was initiated by China and is the first international day dedicated by the UN to the specific subject of urban development. In support of this, World Cities Day has been taking place since 2014 – this year as "Shanghai Forum 2016" – which, having been initiated by the Shanghai city authorities, provides an interactive platform for a dialog between designers, engineers, and experts from science, research, and politics. "World Cities Day – Shanghai Forum 2016" focuses explicitly on future visions for town planning and urban design. The main focus is on the question as to whether culture influences urban qualities.

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