Guided tour through Hanseviertel Hamburg


The Hamburger Denkmalverein extended an invitation for a discovery tour through the Hanseviertel, Hamburg’s first shopping passage entirely made of brick. The response has been great: The two guided tours on 12th January, followed by a lecture by Volkwin Marg, are fully booked. There, the gmp founding partner and architect of the Hanseviertel will be providing insights into its design history.

Friday, 12 January 2018, 4 and 6 pm

Große Bleichen 30/36
20354 Hamburg

The two guided tours are already fully booked!


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Created in 1980 according to the designs of gmp: the Hanseviertel in Hamburg. Its brick aesthetic was a novelty for the shopping mall typology in Hamburg at that time. The system of covered connections between the streets of the city center also helped the Hanseatic district to set an precedent. 37 years later, on 12th January, two architectural tours through the Hanseviertel, at 4 and 6 pm, will be providing insights behind the scenes.

In doing so, Dr. Christine Onnen (Scientific Inventory Monument Protection Office) will be presenting the reference library of the Monument Protection Office (“Denkmalschutzamt”) in the upper part of the Hanseviertel. Following the tour, gmp's founding partner and architect of the Hanseviertel Volkwin Marg will be highlighting the milestones in the history of the shopping mall. An event that has found great popularity: Both dates are already booked up to the last seat.

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