The New Silk Road. Volkwin Marg as a guest at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce


On 4 February, Volkwin Marg will speak at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce about gmp construction projects in Kazakhstan and China at the event The New Silk Road. Among the further guests of the meeting rank Professor Dr. Karl Pilny, Folker Hellmeyer, Professor Dr. Joachim Nagel, Hendrik Wehlen and Alen Jangozin.

Handelskammer Hamburg, Adolphsplatz 1, Hamburg
04. Februar 2019
ab 15 Uhr

The event is hosted by the Federal Association of German Silk Roads Initiative e.V. and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. Various lectures will be devoted to Kazakhstan as a central economic region.

Complete Overview of topics:

  • The Asian century, why the world will change
  • Kazakhstan - Central Economic Area and Bridge between the EU and Russia to Asia
  • Buildings & Projects in China and Kazakhstan
  • Promotion of SMEs in the Asian region, information on KfW's strategic task
  • Kyzyl Ord: Construction of a glass factory in Kazakhstan and the associated intercultural challenges

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