Prof. Volkwin Marg "The Demand for Architectural Identity"


Prof. Volkwin Marg presents the Worms Theater and Cultural Centre, in a talk called "Das Verlangen nach architektonischer Identität" (The Demand for Architectural Identity).

Liebfrau/Burgunder Room, Worms Cultural Centre
7pm, Friday, 11th Feb. 2011
The "Wormser": Opening of the new Culture and Conference Center, and Re-opening of the Theater, 29th Januar


The design for the Theater and Cultural Centre (affectionately known collectively as the Wormser) evolved in dialogue with the architecture of the 1960s theatre building and a splendid copper beech in the middle of the building site. Architectural design even here should reflect more than purely the functional serviceability of the building concerned. Architecture gains identity only by taking the genius loci into account. That is the subject of the talk, and the audience in Worms will be shown examples of how identity was established in gmp projects in other cultures and continents.

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