Chansons von Marie Biermann "Vom donnernden Leben – Lieder über Sehnsucht, Lust und Hafen"


The next Musitektur concert takes place on 31st March, with Marie Biermann in concert. She will be singing songs of Brecht and Prévert, Hans Albers and Udo Lindenberg, but above all Biermann songs, rarities familiar to virtually no-on-Hamburg tavern songs.


The Thunder of Life
Songs of Longing, Pleasure and Ports
Marie Biermann sings her father’s songs
Piano accompanist   
Siegfried Gerlich
gmp Architectural Workshop
Völckersstraße 14-20, Hamburg
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7.00pm, Thursday, 29th September 2011

The romance of Hamburg’s whores and harbours meets the gentler tones and eternal themes of the sorrows and pleasures of love. Marie Biermann sings songs by Brecht and Prévert, Hans Albers and Udo Lindenberg, but above all Biermann songs - rarities familiar to virtually no-one, Hamburg tavern songs.

Born 1980 in Hamburg, Marie Biermann was the sixth of Wolf Biermann’s ten children, and even as a one-year old, sang with her father on one of his recordings. The passion for music stuck. Her album Marie Singt Biermann will be her first, and a tribute to her famous father.

She has been performing on stage for years with the ‘sex appeal of a Monroe’, according to Hamburger Morgenpost. Now her first CD is coming out with chansons—a special selection of songs by her father, songs of longing, pleasure and love, of death, homicide and alcohol. Biermann songs, some familiar, others hardly known to anyone… Hamburg tavern songs.

Marie sings of the tart who welcomes everyone to her port, whether sailors or businessmen, or of the three brothers who went ashore in Hamburg, thirsting for love and tra-la-la (which of course turns out badly); she sings comic songs of Little Rose and the Ape Wife of Altona; and sad love songs such as Bin mager nun und fühle mich.

Marie’s voice is sometimes rough and harsh, sometimes beguilingly sensual and always pure. Her interpretations bring out tears and laughter, offering great drama with a twinkling eye.

Marie Biermann is accompanied by pianist Siegfried Gerlich, who has arranged the songs for piano. Berlin electro star Jonas Poppe (Kissogram), son of Ulrike Poppe, the East German civil-rights campaigner and partner of Wolf Biermann, produced the CD.


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