21/05/2012: Exhibition

The Opening of Architectural Design Exhibition of the National Museum of China

The Chinese National Museum represents the merger of the former Chinese History Museum and Chinese Revolutionary Museum. In March 2004, NMC called for bids globally for architectural design proposals concerning the renovation and enlargement project, and a total of ten proposals were received. Through two rounds of reviews by the jury, the proposal jointly submitted by China Academy of Building Research and Germany-based gmp · Architectes von Gerkan, Marg and Partners was determined as the bid winner in August 2004. Following four national meetings of prominent experts in January, May, July and October 2006, the implementation plan was finally determined.

The National Museum of China underwent a reconstruction and expansion project during the period starting from March 2007 to the end of 2010.The museum will be expanded with a sequence of buildings towards the East, containing a large proportion of the exhibition area. The former central structure and Eastern wing of the old building were removed, so that the remaining parts of the refurbished old building enclose the new building on three sides. From the two main entrances, visitors enter into the core area – a 260m-long forum, in that way the new building corresponds with the old building on its original symmetrical axis. As far as their scale and dimensions concerned, the arcades are typologically a link between old and new architecture.  Its purpose is to act as a showcase for the history and arts of one of the oldest cultures of mankind. The Museum officially opened to the public on April 1st 2011.

The Architectural Design Exhibition of the National Museum of China occupies an area of 1,364 m² and shows over 200 drawings and photographs relating to the architectural design proposals and construction process of the Museum. Main exhibits include 10 international bidding proposals for the Museum’s reconstruction design and the revision process of the winning proposal. The exhibition will be divided into four sections: "Former Museum Building", "International Competitive Design Proposals", "Revisions of the Winning Proposal" and "Implementation Plans". The exhibition will give visitors a comprehensive view of the birth of the new National Museum of China through a variety of different mediums and perspectives.

Li Jingbo
National Museum of China, Beijing