11/10/2012: gmp Musitecture # 91

Chamber music with different ensembles

gmp Musitecture
Chamber music with different ensembles
Innovation duo
Violine, Viola
Beethoven duo
piano, Violoncello
Akos Hoffmann
Thursday 11 October 2012,
19:30 hours
gmp Hamburg, Völckersstraße 14-20, Hamburg
Phone 040 88 151 200

Photo Christian Gahl

On Thursday 11 October, the "Chamber music with different ensembles" Musitecture concert will take place at Völckersstrasse, Hamburg.

Innovation duo

"…with their unique mastery and phenomenal energy, Anna Savytska and Jakub Dzialak could, and can, win the hearts of many thousands of listeners for whom a performance by the young musicians is always a marvellous experience. The combination of the artistic gift of these outstanding soloists – winners of many prestigious international competitions – with the rare intuition of ensemble players has no equal on the world concert stage. The virtuoso technical ability, the wealth of tonal variation, the admirable multi-faceted dynamism – from a powerful, dramatic forte to a mystic haunting piano – create an impression of a miniature orchestra with its many different sound characteristics…"

Anna Savytska and Jakub Dzialak received their musical training in Austria and Switzerland where they studied with Dora Schwarzberg, Rudolf Koelman and Igor Ozim. They are currently perfecting their art with Wen-Sinn Yang, Ana Chumachenco, Ivan Klansky, Werner Bärtschi and Vladimir Spivakov.

Beethoven duo
For the young stars Alina Kabanova (piano) and Fjodor Elesin (violoncello) from the Ukraine and Russia, music is everything; when they perform, the atmosphere is electrified! The natural musical and emotional understanding the two performers have between them results in a completely intuitive, all-pervading fusion of the cello and piano. The special artistic force of expression and unique charisma of the two young musicians envelop the audience at every concert – starting with the first notes – earning them almost always a standing ovation in appreciation of the very special musical experience.

The Beethoven duo’s exceptional success pays tribute to the first-class soloist training they received from Prof. V. Weichert, Prof. W. Mehlhorn, Prof. V. Gornostaeva, Prof. M. Rostropovich, Prof. A. Ponomarenko, Prof. E. Korolev, M. Abbado and L. Brumberg, as well as their chamber music training under Ralf Gothoni, Bruno Canino and Menahem Pressler at the Instituto Internacional de Música de Cámara de Madrid.
Akos Hoffmann
The son of musician parents, Akos Hoffmann became familiar with his instrument, the clarinet, at a very young age. After being awarded the 1st Federal prize in the “Youth makes music” competition in 1992, he continued his clarinet studies from 1994 under Prof. Sabine Meyer and Prof. Reiner Wehle at the Lübeck Academy of Music. He passed his concert studies exam at the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre.

In addition to participating in a number of youth orchestras, such as the “Junge Deutsche Philharmonie” and the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival Orchestra, he also guests with the Munich Chamber Orchestra and, as solo bass clarinet player, with the Kiel State Capital Philharmonic Orchestra and the Sabine Meyer Wind Ensemble.

As a soloist, with the Albert Schweitzer Youth Orchestra amongst others, he has been performing in concerts in European countries such as Denmark, the Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Switzerland and also in Puerto Rico.

Johannes Brahms 1833–1897
Trio for clarinet, violoncello and piano
A minor op. 114
3.Andantino grazioso – Trio
Akos Hoffmann – clarinet
Alina Kabanova – piano
Fjodor Elesin – cello

Johannes Brahms
Cello sonata E minor op. 38
1.Allegro non troppo
2.Allegretto quasi Menuetto
Alina Kabanova – piano
Fjodor Elesin – cello


Robert Schumann 1810–1856
Piano quartet E-flat major op. 47
1.Sostenuto assai. Allegro ma non troppo
3.Andante cantabile

Alina Kabanova – piano
Fjodor Elesin – cello
Anna Savytska – viola
Jakub Dzialak – violin

gmp Musitecture # 91 Chamber music with different ensembles