12/11/2012: gmp Musitecture concert # 92

American Jesus Suite - Composition by Stefan Wurz for Quartet PLUS 1, inspired by Michael Jackson’s pop songs

gmp Musitecture concert
American Jesus Suite
Composition by Stefan Wurz for Quartet PLUS 1, inspired by Michael Jackson’s pop songs
Quartett PLUS 1
Kathrina Hülsmann
Katharina Pfänder
Lisa Stepf
Kristina van de Sand
Tuesday, 13 November 2012,
19.30 hours
gmp Berlin
Hardenbergstraße 4-5, Berlin

We ask guests to register by phone or via email by 5 November 2012.
030.617 855, [email protected]

On Tuesday 13 November 2012, the "American Jesus Suite" concert will take place at the Berlin office: a composition by Stefan Wurz for Quartet PLUS 1, inspired by Michael Jackson’s pop songs.

Members of Quartet PLUS 1: Kathrina Hülsmann, Katharina Pfänder, Lisa Stepf and Kristina van de Sand. Since 2005 the interdisciplinary string ensemble from Hanover, under the artistic direction of Lisa Stepf and Katharina Pfänder, has been focusing on the interfaces between the arts, and in its projects up until now has been seeking an encounter with the visual arts, dance, theatre, video and live electronics. New concert formats have been developed in cooperation with a scenographer and a film/theatre director. In terms of its music the quartet is stepping beyond the limits imposed by genre, and is thus searching for its contemporary identity. With the “Music in artwork” series in 2011, the quartet began working with a new focus and is now regularly developing special concert formats for exhibitions and the respective exhibition premises.
The Hildesheim composer Stefan Wurz wrote the “American Jesus Suite” for Quartet PLUS 1 in 2011. Musical themes and lyrics from Michael Jackson’s pop songs are used as inspirational material, and the boundary between pop music and classical string music is transgressed – representing a deliberate dissolution of the E and U categories – and opening up a new aspect on the legacy of the King of Pop. Musical themes and lyrics are translated into historic and contemporary worlds of sound and developed further: for example, the base line from “Billie Jean” becomes the central theme of a baroque fugue, melodic motifs from “Scream” merge into a four-part canon, lyrics from “Earth Song” form the basis of a Medieval choral before becoming a minimalist overlaid pattern composition.

Imminent Danger
feat. Bad, Thriller, Smooth Criminal
Music: Michael Jackson, Rod Temperton

Does Anybody Remember Laughter?

feat. Earth Song, Heal The World & We Are The World
Music: Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie

If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Stay Away From The Kitchen
feat. Billie Jean, Blame It On The Boogie, Black Or White, Rock With You
Music: Michael Jackson, Elmar Krohn, Mick Jackson, Dave Jackson, Rod Temperton

Jungle Love
feat. Liberian Girl
Music: Michael Jackson

Four To The Cello
feat. Scream
Music: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, James Harris III, Tery Lewis