05/02/2013: Public lecture

Meinhard von Gerkan in Mannheim: “Sinn als Credo der Architektur”

Technoseum, Landesmuseum für Technik und Arbeit
Museumsstraße 1
68165 Mannheim

Tuesday 5 February 2013, 9:30 to 13:45 hours

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As part of the 7th Building Forum organised by VHV Insurance, Meinhard von Gerkan will give a public talk entitled “Sinn als Credo der Architektur“ („Architecture: meaning and message”) on 5 February 2013. 

This year’s Building Forum in the Technoseum of the Mannheim State Museum for Technology and Work will take place under the motto “Change in technology and construction over time”. Meinhard von Gerkan will speak at 12:45; there will be other lectures from a range of speakers during the course of the morning.