23/05/2013: Talk

Stephan Schütz "Art Basel – Art and Architecture"

Level 1 concourse
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center


Friday, May 24, 10am to 11.30am

As part of the event “Art Basel – Art and Architecture” on 24 May Stephan Schütz will give a lecture on „Building Asia's New Museums”.

Museums and architecture have always gone together – from the installation of some of the world's great national collections in former royal palaces to the recent fashion for spectacular museum “starchitecture.” Nowhere is the influence of architects on museums a more urgent matter than in Asia, where art institutions are proliferating at a rapid clip, with China alone in the midst of launching one thousand new museums.

What is the responsibility of architects when it comes to designing new buildings for museums and their publics? How can architecture accommodate and anticipate emerging trends in contemporary art? Can museums, as public venues, contribute to the betterment of cities and their citizens’ lives? Where lies the future of museum design? These will be among the questions explored by this panel of renowned museum architects, among the first Conversations panels to be staged in Hong Kong.