09/08/2013: Impressions of the gmp exhibition in the Chinese National Museum

Designing in Dialogue. The Architecture of von Gerkan, Marg and Partners

The international touring exhibition, “Designing in Dialogue. The architecture of von Gerkan, Marg and Partners”, was hosted by the Chinese National Museum, Beijing, which was converted and extended by gmp Architects. For this purpose, gmp was cooperating with the Chinese architectural magazine UED and Verseidag.

The opening ceremony on 8th of August, which was followed by a symposium, was attended by Meinhard von Gerkan, his partners Nikolaus Goetze, Stephan Schütz and Wu Wei as well as personalities from the Chinese architectural scene and other guests.

In this exhibition gmp provided an overview of their œuvre: sketches and drawings provided an idea of the conceptual thoughts, models presented designs in three dimensions and photos documented the completed buildings.
The exhibited gmp projects were grouped regionally by continent and into the following six categories:

  • Variety and uniformity
  • Mobility
  • Urbanity
  • Society and responsibility
  • Innovation and identity
  • Tradition

These themes cover important fundamental, practical and theoretical aspects of gmp’s work. The grouping provides greater clarity and illustrates the multiplicity of thought needed in the approach to architecture. However, in gmp’s holistic understanding of architecture, this variety always leads to uniformity. In consequence, the “variety and uniformity” pairing is of over-arching importance, whereas “mobility” and “urbanity” can be seen as important aspects of the architectural context of “society and responsibility”. This means that a project grouped in the “innovation and identity” pairing could also be considered under the aspects of “society and responsibility” or “tradition”.

So far, the touring exhibition has been shown in Vietnam, Brazil and Chile. Further dates in China are scheduled.

Venue: Chinese National Museum
Hall S8, Beijing

An exhibition catalogue has been published.

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