21/11/2013: Three awards

gmp public relations work wins 2013 Red Dot Design Award and 2013 Iconic Award

With their newly designed corporate image, the architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp) have won the Iconic Award which was initiated by the German Design Council. In the Communication category, their corporate design achieved the top “Best of Best” accolade. Furthermore, gmp’s 2012 “Choreography of the Masses” exhibition also received awards – this time from two institutions: in the Architecture category, the exhibition was declared the winner of the Iconic Award; in the Event Design category, the show won the 2013 Red Dot Design Award.

Corporate design

Since its beginnings, gmp has endeavoured to undertake its activities in a holistic way – while primarily developing and implementing architecture, the practice would also involve supporting disciplines. This is also expressed in a well-designed uniform style of corporate communication which has been continuously developed over several decades. According to the jury of the German Design Council, the last re-design of the corporate image carried out by gmp’s Communication Department represents the principle ideas of the company’s philosophy: simplicity, unity in diversity, uniqueness and structural order. In addition, it takes into account the principles of material uniformity, formal restraint and the inherent relationship between material and shape. A detailed design manual defines the elements of the re-designed communication media. From the colour scheme to the fonts and images through to the material used for letters, brochures and valuable books – both physical and virtual products have been specified. The new corporate design has evolved organically without the need to capture any particular effect and without complete reinvention of the image.

The Choreography of the Masses exhibition

The “Choreography of the Masses” exhibition, which was shown at the Berliner Akademie der Künste during the 2012 European Football Championship, appealed to the jury of the Red Dot Design Award with its exceptional “design quality which, in an exemplary way, represents aesthetics, innovation and succinctness”. The Design Council declared the gmp exhibition the winner; with almost 20,000 visitors, it was very successful. The three parts of the exhibition (“In sport. In the stadium. In a frenzy.”) focused on the interaction between sports buildings and spectators. In the first room, “In sport”, six more than life-sized protagonists led the way through an historic exhibition cycle which could be experienced through richly illustrated book modules. When visitors entered the next room they reached the area entitled “In the stadium”, where large-format photographs conveyed a sense of the impressive dimensions of built stadiums. At the centre were the stadiums of the 2012 European Championship, with a selection of 100 years of stadium architecture illustrated via evocative text and picture bubbles. “In a frenzy” was the last room where the tour ended: the emotional composition of the space-forming video/sound installation was based on the musical principle of a chorus. In this way it was possible to also focus on small movement patterns and make them visible, as if through a magnifying glass. The visitors were placed in the midst of the action. “Choreography of the Masses” was developed by gmp in cooperation with the Hamburg agency OnGrafik.

For impressions of the exhibition, please visit: www.choreographie-der-massen.de

Marcus Bredt (The Choreography of the Masses exhibition)
Heiner Leiska (Corporate design)
Klaus D. Wolf (Iconic Awards 2013)



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