18/01/2017: Nicolas Pomränke at Global Design Sprint by BuroHappold Engineering

“Urban Streets in the Age of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles”

18th January 2017

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Autonomous and connected vehicles are no longer a vision of the future. But what impact will they have on the environment and urban development when they first populate the streets? On 18th  January 2017 the Global Design Sprint in Berlin will deal with this complex question. With other industry experts Nicolas Pomränke, Associate Partner at gmp, will be taking part in this event, which is organized by BuroHappold Engineering.

Three characteristic and central streets in the German capital are in the spotlight to develop visionary scenarios. The most realistic ideas for Schlossstrasse, Friedrichstraße and Hufelandstraße / Buetzowstraße will be discussed with the aim to integrate all traffic participants, benefits as well as challenges will be analyzed.

A separate publication will summarize and present the results following the various events which take place all over the world.