13/04/2017: gmp’s highest ever building is going up in Nanjing

The commission for the design of the third plot of Nanjing Financial City II

Design Meinhard von Gerkan and Nikolaus Goetze with Marc Ziemons
Project management, competition Jan Blasko
Project management, detailed design Jan Blasko, Tim Leimbrock
Design team, phase II of competition Cai Lei, Thorben Oelke, Tim Leimbrock, Pan Mei, Tang Yiping
Team, implementation Natalia Borodina, Peter Brändle, Jonas Lee, Li Jiahui, Pan Mei, Alexa Schmidbauer, Tang Yiping, Susi Winter, Wu Xia
Landscape architect WES LandschaftsArchitektur
Client Nanjing Financial City Construction Development Stock Limited Company
GFA 786,098 m²

With a height of 411 meters, the building comes under the high-rise building category of the “super-high skyscrapers” of the CTBUH, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. This means that the architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners are putting up their highest building ever on the third plot. Design activities for the first two building plots (A and B) had already started after the gmp master plan obtained first prize in the competition at the beginning of last year. Now the client has also given the go-ahead for the third building plot (C). The site lies to the south-west of the inner city next to the trade exhibition grounds, and is the key project for linking two urban axes of the Hexi New Town development.

For the „Nanjing Financial City – Phase II“ the architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners are designing an ensemble of five high-rise buildings. The plan is to create a business district with a total of 786,000 square meters of gross floor area. The 65,000 square meter site comprises offices in combination with an upmarket infrastructure for conference and meeting facilities, as well as serviced apartments and shops. A green axis runs through the site from north to south, dividing the plot into two parts; the two outer areas (A and C) are to be lined with high-rise buildings along the road frontages in accordance with the statutory building lines. The third area (B) will be a landscaped canyon in the midst of the dense high-rise building structure which, with its squares and sunken courtyards, will become an integral part of the retail zone.

Building plot C, for which gmp has now been commissioned, is dominated by two towers – one a 245 meter high building primarily to be used for offices, the other a super-high skyscraper which, with a height of 411 meters, will provide an urban landmark that is visible from afar, and will accommodate a range of mixed uses.

A total of 186,000 square meters of the highest tower is subdivided into five office units with nine stories each. Above this section, from levels 61 to 79, 58,000 square meters are dedicated to a fivestar hotel with 250 rooms, amongst other functions. In addition, the top of the building includes exclusive meeting rooms, bars and first-class restaurants. In the entrance lobby of the base structure there will also be retail facilities and a foyer for two function rooms which are part of the hotel.

The design of the skyscraper is dominated by horizontal two-story-high bands, which accommodate special functions such as a sky lobby and staff restaurants. In combination with vertical lines and recesses, a dynamic overall composition is created on the basis of the nearly square, regular footprint. The recesses in the building provide space for roof terraces right up to the upper stories, thus highlighting the idea of a „vertical city“ with usable external spaces. Similar to building plot A, plot C will also have a sunken landscaped garden at its center, which is flanked by four-story buildings. The ensemble is rounded off by the plinth of the high-rise building and a base structure that is also four stories high.

The spaces between the buildings are used for narrow streets and squares. Glazed facades create a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere, and provide space for shopping facilities. Overall, the new financial center provides the entire quarter with its own identity.

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