12/05/2017: Lecture by Hubert Nienhoff

Architecture between Moral and Scandal

12 May 2017
Museum der Alltagskultur
Schloss Waldenbuch

Museum der Alltagskultur
Schloss Waldenbuch
Kirchgasse 3
71111 Waldenbuch, Germany

Further information www.waldenbuch.de

Hubert Nienhoff, a passionate architect with a long-years track record on completed projects worldwide, reports on the tension-filled areas between architecture and moral, providing insights by being directly involved.

As an architect and partner at gmp von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects, Hubert Nienhoff knows the highs and lows of working on different major projects, such as the Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brand (BER). In his lecture, he clarifies his position on architects’ responsibility when balancing between politics, economic efficiency, basic interventions in nature, and more. He describes the difficult process of deliberation of all the parties involved, and provides an excited yet distinguishable point of view beyond the popular ‘yellow press’.