16/05/2017: Lecture by Wu Wei

Public, Art, Urban Space.

Si Ping Lu Campus, Tongji University
Shanghai, China

May 16, 2017 (Tuesday)

CDHK is to host the Tongji German Week to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Tongji University. As the part of this event, Mr. Wu is invited to deliver a speech titled Public · Art · Urban Space in a lecture themed Culture and Urban Architectural Planning.  

The culture and art have infiltrated into people’s daily life along with the rapid development of China’s economy. The architects’ top challenge lies in how to create art spaces of higher publicity within the urban space. gmp has designed several museums and grand theatres in China which demonstrate how the German architects try to offer the visitors comfortable public spaces while ensuring the presence of cultural building within an urban setting. Mr. Wu will take various projects as examples in this regard, including the National Museum of China, Maritime Museum of China, Zhuhai Museum, Kunsthalle Mannheim, Chongqing Grand Theater, Qingdao Grand Theater and Tianjin Grand Theater.