19/07/2017: A dialogue between old and new

The topping out ceremony for Alter Wall 2–32 in Hamburg took place on 14 July

Competition 2013 – 1st prize
Design Volkwin Marg and Jürgen Hillmer
Project management Sebastian Flatau,
Susanne Winter
Deputy Project management
Johann von Bothmer
Team Radmilla Blagovcanin, Markus Carlsen, Renata Dipper, Tanja Hütter, Raimund Kinski, Gabi Kottsieper, Katja Mezger, Stefano Pascale, Christoph Pyka, Andreas Risch, Anabel Romero Moscoso, Monica Sallowsky, Angela Schmidtutz, Tom Schülke, Claudia Schultze, Jens Schuster, Amra Sternberg, Lorena-Tiziana Vacirca, Achim Wangler, Lena Wegener, André Wegmann, Hendrik Winter, Kenneth Wong
Client Art Invest Real Estate Funds GmbH & Co. KG
GFA 32,000 m²
Construction period 2014–2018

Behind the hoarding at Alter Wall 2–32, between Hamburg’s Town Hall and Alsterfleet, behind the Bucerius Kunst Forum, all that was left standing was the 150 m long historic facade, propped up by a steel structure. To date, work on the renewal of the entire block has progressed well – the shell construction with all floor levels has been completed, and the facade props along Alter Wall are being removed. On 14 July, the topping out ceremony for the new ensemble in the heart of the Hanseatic City took place.

In the 19th century, Alter Wall was a lively street with shops and restaurants in a central location but, in the 20th century, this street in the midst of Hamburg’s inner city only featured banks and offices, and its attraction to the general public was therefore diminished. In the Second World War, it also lost its historic facades at Alsterfleet.

With the new development to a design by Architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp), the street next to the Town Hall will regain some of its former liveliness – the layout of the building behind the listed facade at Alter Wall 2–32 is being completely reorganized; instead of offices, there will once again be shops, cafés, and the new exhibition areas of the Bucerius Kunst Forum on the first floor, inviting passers-by to shop and browse. Sufficient parking will be provided in a four-story underground parking garage beneath the water level of the Alsterfleet. All traffic will be diverted from Alter Wall, which will be redesigned as a lively boulevard to replicate its former function, although this time exclusively for pedestrians. A completely new connection will be created across the inner city via an arcade through the center of the new precinct, from Großer Burstah through the Town Hall courtyard across a new pedestrian bridge, which leads across the Alsterfleet to the Alster arcades and on to Neuer Wall.

The upper six of a total of nine overground stories of the new building feature a long, stretched-out central inner courtyard with glass roof that forms the central axis and allows daylight to flood in to the surrounding offices. The Bucerius Kunst Forum will move from the head building at Rathausmarkt to the central arcade at Alter Wall 12. The Forum is arranged over four stories and offers spacious exhibition rooms, an auditorium, a painting school, and a shop.

The historic buildings and natural stone facades at Alter Wall and at Adolphsbrücke are being refurbished as listed monuments. The new facades facing the Fleet consist of natural stone and take up the rhythm and horizontal lines of the existing neighboring buildings. The new arcade from Großer Burstah to Neuer Wall, the revitalized Alsterfleet development, and the shops and restaurants along the boulevard introduce new life, with art and commerce, to the center of the city. Completion has been scheduled for the second half of 2018.

Art-Invest Real Estate Management
gmp Architekten

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