12/09/2017: "Tehran City Garden"

aac Workshop and Lecture Series in Autumn 2017

Öffentliche Veranstaltungen im Rahmen des Workshops

2017 September 14th, 7 pm, ground floor
Jette Cathrin Hopp, Snøhetta, Oslo
"People Process Projects"

2017 September 20th, 7 pm, ground floor
Prof. Enrique Sobejano, Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos, Madrid, Berlin
„The Space of Culture“

2017 September 21st, 7 pm, ground floor
Viggo Haremst, Henning Larsen Architects, Munich
"Human Interaction"

2017 September 29th, 10 am, ground floor
Final critique and evaluation of the workshop results
Prof. Dr.-Ing. h. c. Volkwin Marg
Greeting and exhibition opening


"According to information received, two British airplanes will shortly fly over Tehran. The Iranian Government has already been informed and requested to nominate a location for their landing. The police department has been duly instructed to prepare and level an appropriate site outside the city gate for this purpose”, recounts an Iranian newspaper from June 27th, 1922. The report witnesses the first international flight to today‘s megacity Tehran. Presently, 95 years after the opening of the Ghale Morghi Airport, it has been replaced by more modern buildings. This fallow site has been vacant for seven years; however, the derelict former airfield is surrounded by urban city life. 

The topic of this year’s autumn workshop, taking place from September 4th until 29th under the guidance of Prof. Dr.-Ing. h. c. Volkwin Marg and Dipl.-Ing. Hubert Nienhoff, is the redevelopment of the former airport in Iran‘s capital, Tehran. Student designs for parts of the area shall make a substantial contribution to the conversion of the former airport area. An open inner-city site of this scale offers excellent possibilities for a megacity like Tehran regarding the expansion and densification of the city. A public park with Iranian garden architecture and four neighborhoods with different themes of urban administration, science, religion, and cultural interaction are to be created here.

Based on a recent masterplan proposal for the area, which covers approximately 270 hectares, the assignment of aac’s autumn workshop is to design a center for cultural interaction as a place of community, communication and integration. The main focus is the culture and event center, which will be integrated into an ensemble including a library, an art center, a movie theater and a bazaar. Cultural events such as pop concerts and lectures as well as movie festivals could be held here. Moreover, it is also intended to serve as an international convention center.

The designs developed in the workshop shall add impulse to the future and the development of one of the largest undeveloped inner-city areas worldwide. The tutors are expecting well thought-out solutions, demanding participants to deal with the necessities of a large modern city of the 21st century while considering the unique cultural characteristics of the country. The international three-and-a-half week workshop takes place with selected participants from around the world at the aac Studios on Campus Rainvilleterrasse. An excursion to the site in Tehran and to further reference locations in Iran is part of the workshop. Expert lectures and critiques by renowned visiting professors accompany the design process at the premises of Campus Rainvilleterrasse in Hamburg, resulting in a public exhibition of all proposals.

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