16/01/2018: Lecture by Hans-Joachim Paap at ULI Switzerland

Airport development between economy and politics

Tuesday, 16 January 2018, 4 to 7.30 pm

Zurich Airport, 8058 Zürich, Switzerland
(The exact room will be announced on the website of the ULI)

The number of participants is limited.

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More than traffic hubs, airports have to meet numerous infrastructural demands. The Roundtable of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) illustrates this subject from different perspectives on 16 January, from 4 pm onwards, at the Zurich airport. Furthermore it sets the focus of the discussion on the development of AirportCities.

In addition to top-class experts from the field, such as Prof. Kees Christiaanse, who will be presenting his most recent book on international airport cities, Hans-Joachim Paap, associate partner at gmp, will be speaking about challenges in major projects. The current example of the system of the BER airport will be used in national and international comparison for its explanations under the title "Airport development in the field of tension between the economy and politics". As an architect involved for many years, Hans-Joachim Paap will be providing insights behind the scenes of the project. He also will be talking about the similarities and differences of the midfield concepts in Berlin, Munich and London Heathrow.

Following the event, the ULI extends an invitation to snacks and an aperitif at Zurich airport.

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