22/03/2018: Magdalene Weiss in Shanghai

Transparency – translucency – transition: Modern building skins as space between interior and exterior

Friday, 23 March 2018

Tongji Design Institute, Lecture Hall on F1
Shanghai Yangpu District, Siping Road, No. 1230

On Friday and Saturday, March 23 and 24, the forum “2018 complicated façade innovative design and construction“ will be taking place at the Tongji Design Institute in Shanghai. The event is organized by the China Architecture Society Façade Academic Board, the China Construction Technology Group Co., Ltd., the Tongji University, and co-organzied by the Tongji Design Institute and the Shanghai Architecture Society Façade Academic Board.

Magdalena Weiss, Associate Partner of gmp, will be giving a lecture on the afternoon of 23 March, focusing on the subject “transparency - translucency- transition: Modern building skins as space between interior and exterior”. Three types of facades will be introduced:

1. Transparency: With the development of facade design, the structure and facade components are combined into one, which contributes to creating a very light and transparent facade structure. Project example by gmp: Xi'an Silk Road International Convention Center.

2. Translucency: Another important factor in facade design is energy-saving and sound insulation. China UnionPay Tower uses the advanced technology of double skin facade to achieve column-free office spaces with intergraded ventilations and sun shading elements on the facade.

3. Transition: The atrium understood as the extended double skin of the building, contributes to temperature adjustments of the inner spaces. Examples such as HNA, Jiaming Center or CYTS Tower in Beijing showcase this method.

The lecture will be moderated by Shen Xiaofeng, SuP Ingenieure GmbH General Manager. Furthermore, Wu Wei - gmp partner for China, will moderate the first lecture series on the morning of 23 March, which includes presentations by Prof. Yuan Feng and Prof. Zhang Qiling from Tongji University.