14/06/2018: “Architectural Appearance and Acoustic Demands”

Nicolas Pomränke at the “Architecture and Acoustics” Conference in Vilnius

14 June, 2018

Creativity and Innovation Centre ”LinkMenų fabrikas”
Linkmenų str. 28, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Further information

Nicolas Pomränke, Associate Partner, will give a lecture at the “Architecture and Acoustics” Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, on Thursday, June 14. In his talk he will focus on the interaction between the spatial appearance and the acoustic requirements during the design process, using gmp references of New Tempodrom Berlin, the Qingdao Grand Theater (China) and the Kulturpalast Dresden.

Each project showcases a different approach to connect detailed acoustic design conditions with architectural appearance, while considering the technical conditions of materials, construction and budget.