08/11/2018: “Made in Germany - designed by gmp”

Nikolaus Goetze gives lecture at Tongji University

8 November, 2018, 7 p.m.

D1, Lecture Room, 5F, Building D of CAUP
Tongji University, Shanghai

German architectural firms are often commissioned in China, because architecture "made in Germany" is known here for its high quality.

In his lecture, Nikolaus Goetze presents gmp projects in Germany. Three aspects are important to him:
1. a strong concept
2. quality
3. sustainability
Starting with the meticulous design of details such as door handles and luminaires, the framework is successively extended: single-family houses are followed by construction projects such as Berlin's main railway station, followed by studies and concepts for major construction projects such as the Olympic Games study in Hamburg or the urban development plan for Oberbillwerder.