23/11/2018: Pfisterer and Gossmann hold lecture at SCHULBAU

"Temporary school campus Frankfurt in wood modular construction"

29 November 2018
5-5:30 pm

Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt
Pfaffenwiese 301,
65929 Frankfurt
- on stage -

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This year, the SCHULBAU trade fair will take place for the first time in Frankfurt am Main and will therefore present projects from the region. Markus Pfisterer and Bernd Gossmann will present the school campus Miquelallee Frankfurt am Main as part of the two-day trade fair program. This temporary school building campus for primary school and grammar school was designed in modular timber construction and can only remain on the grounds of the Goethe University for 10 years due to the land policy in Frankfurt. It then moves to a nearby site, while a university library is to be built on the old site.

The challenging design task was therefore to design a building structure that could be dismantled after the deadline and rebuilt elsewhere. The project is based on a modular wooden construction of prefabricated elements and will be used in the future by about 400 primary school pupils and 1200 high school students. The school is scheduled to open in August 2019.