15/06/2010: aac architecture workshop

"Deutsches Haus" (German House) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

is year, for the first time, aac is offering a workshop in Vietnam.

The workshop is conducted by the aac, in corporation with the Vietnam Architects Association (VAA). The German architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partner (gmp) have won more than 440 prizes in national and international competitions (more than 240 1st prizes alone). With more than 290 executed projects, including buildings such as the New Trade Fair Leipzig, Berlin Central Station, Hamburg Airport, Olympic Stadium Berlin and the National Convention Centre, Hanoi, as well as the soon to be completed Museum for the History of Hanoi.

Under the supervision of Prof. Meinhard von Gerkan, President of the aac and founding partner of gmp and Nikolaus Goetze, gmp partner the workshop will be held in Hanoi, 11th-26th June 2010. The workshop will explore architectural designs for a new German Consulate and Cultural Centre, the “Deutsches Haus”, in Ho Chi Minh City. 

The 24 Vietnamese and German participants will be divided into 6 groups. The international mix of each group will add to the intended intercultural exchange. Internationally renowned visiting lecturers will contribute to the subject matter with a variety of background information and insights into their work experience. They will actively participate in the evaluation of the course work.

Public lectures during the time of the workshop will constitute an interface not only between architecture and other fields but also between the aac and members of the public interested in architecture.

An Exhibition will present the results of the 2010 aac workshop at the Goethe Institute in Hanoi from 27th June – 08th July 2010.

The workshop is part of the official celebration programme "Germany in Vietnam 2010".

More about aac www.aac-hamburg.de