18/06/2010: Award

"German steel architecture is champion!" Cape Town Stadium in South Africa wins steel industry prize

the 2010 football World Cup championships in South Africa, the competition is not only a matter of sport. The stadia themselves have their own contest, for the Deutscher Stahlbau prize. This year, the prize was awarded jointly to architects gmp von Gerkan, Marg and Partners and structural engineers sbp schlaich bergermann und partner for Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town. The jury commented on the stadium's success as an "outstanding synthesis of functionality, sculptural quality as a standalone design, and landscape-enriching urban-planning integration of a modern large stadium.

The prize will be ceremonially awarded on 8 th October 2010 in Weimar, the German steel industry's Architecture Day. Carrying an award of 10,000 euros and given biennially, the Deutscher Stahlbau prize is one of the oldest architectural prizes in Germany. It is awarded jointly by bauforumstahl and the DSTV (German Steel Construction Association).

Design Volkwin Marg and Hubert Nienhoff with Robert Hormes
Cooperation with Louis Karol architects, Point architects, Cape Town
Structural concept and design roof schlaich bergermann und partner – Knut Göppert with Thomas Moschner
Steel construction Joint Venture: Pfeiffer Seil- und Hebetechnik GmbH, Memmingen und Birdair, NY
Structural engineering 
BKS (Pty) Ltd, Iliso Consulting, Henry Fagan & Partners, KFD Wilkinson, Arcus Gibb, Cape Town
Technical equipment BKS (Pty) Ltd, WSP (Pty) Ltd, Ilsio Consulting, Goba Consulting, Cape Town
Urban design Comrie Wilkinson architects & urban designers, Jakupa Architects and urban designers,
OvP Associates Landscape Architects, Cape Town
Landscape design OvP Associates Landscape Architects, Cape Town
Architects on site BKS (Pty) Ltd, Cape Town
General project management MDA Mitchell du Plessis Associates, BKS (Pty) Ltd, Ariya project managers, Cape Town
General contractor JV Murray & Roberts, WBHO (Dach Roof), JV Pfeifer Seil- und Hebetechnik & Birdair
Client City of Cape Town, spv 2010
Construction period 2007–2010

Photos Marcus Bredt, Bruce Sutherland