24/03/2011: Talk

Wu Wei Area dialogues, edition 10 ‘The beauty of built things’

Area dialogues – The Beauty of Built Things
Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel, Shanghai, 1108 Mei Hua Road, Pudong, Shanghai
2pm, 30th March 2011, Language of event: Chinese

The Chinese specialist periodical Area China invites you to the 10th discussion in its series of ‘Area Dialogues’ events at the Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel in Shanghai, on 30th March 2011. The ‘Beauty of Built Things’ is the theme on this occasion.

Along with other distinguished architects, gmp China partner Wu Wei will be giving a talk on the subject. He will take examples of completed projects to illustrate a core tenet of gmp’s philosophy, namely that the ideal design is one that is so simple that it will stand the test of time and functional changes. Formal reticence and unity of materials are based on this principle, because intelligibility is a categorical imperative for gmp.