07/06/2011: Talk

Prof. Volkwin Marg "Architecture between New and Old"

"Architecture between New and Old"
Thursday, 30th June 2011, 1.30pm
Nordkolleg Rendsburg,
Am Gerhardshain 44, Rendsburg
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Architecture between New and Old

Prof. Volkwin Marg will be speaking on the subject of "Architecture between New and Old" during the specialist conference on Cultural Heritage and Culture Management, which forms part of the supplementary subject of Culture Management at the Christian Albrecht University in Kiel.

The conference focuses on our architectural heritage. The speakers are distinguished representatives of the disciplines of archaeology, the care of historic monuments, and architecture. The aim of this broad interdisciplinary concept is to sharpen awareness of current and future issues to do with our cultural heritage, and encourage new forms of collaboration between people and organisations for the benefit of protecting and promoting the cultural heritage of Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg.