29/09/2011: TV-Talk

Prof. Volkwin Marg Guest at the TV-Talk "Vision Lounge"

On Friday 30 September 2011, Professor Volkwin Marg will be taking part in the centre.tv talk show, "Vision Lounge". The presenters Rica Reinisch and Dr Hermann Bühlbecker will talk with Professor Volkwin Marg about visions for the cities of the future and about worldwide projects planned and built by gmp. In addition, his book entitled "Architecture is, of course, not apolitical" will be discussed together with the resulting question "How do urban designers, politicians and investors interact given the interplay of power?".

The "Vision Lounge" talk show lasts one hour and presents visionaries and players from Germany who, through their knowledge, vision and commitment, generate economic success and - very topical in the current climate - lead corporations out of the crisis.