03/11/2011: Talk

Hans-Joachim Paap “Acoustic material with attractive design”

Thursday, 3 November 2011, 14:20 hours
St. Johannes-Evangelist Church, Berlin
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Hard surfaces, minimalist forms and clean interiors – these have been the design tendencies in worldwide contemporary architecture for many years. In order to ensure that their buildings perform well in terms of room acoustics, architects and interior designers are urgently looking for new and innovative products. These one-day events are intended to highlight the demand for acoustically effective construction products and provide a discussion forum. The search is on for new acoustic concepts and com-ponents which make a contribution to the design as well as the acoustic function. What opportunities are revealed by the latest technical and psychological research results? For example, how can architectural market requirements, acoustic research and industrial production methods be unified in one integrated production develop-ment process?