20/03/2012: Public debate

Prof. Volkwin Marg "Hamburg’s townscape"

Tuesday 20 March 2012, 20:00 hours
Kultwerk West – The Public Lounge,
Kleine Freiheit 42, 22767 Hamburg
5 Euro, 3 Euro concessions
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On Tuesday 20 March, 2011, Prof. Volkwin Marg will take part in a debate on "Hamburg’s townscape": a debate between Jörn Walter, Volkwin Marg and Till Briegleb.

Background information on the debate: recently, Hanno Rauterberg filled a whole page in Die Zeit, complaining about the ugliness of Hamburg’s townscape; the former Senior Director of Construction, Egbert Kossak, wrote in the Hamburg Abendblatt that Hamburg was forsaking its architectural heritage, and Prof. Volkwin Marg, already years ago, spoke about a "cubist mess" when referring to HafenCity. In 2011, the Senator for Cultural Affairs, Prof. Barbara Kisseler, made a plea that more consideration should be given to Hamburg’s townscape. Senior Director of Construction, Prof. Jörn Walter - who is ultimately responsible for Hamburg’s townscape, and author and journalist Till Briegleb, who writes on architecture, art and theatre for the Süddeutsche Zeitung, are doing just that.

The debate at Kultwerk West will focus on questions such as: What is the message conveyed by the Kehrwieder-Spitze, the Europa-Passage arcades, the Bernhard-Nocht quarter and the new Spiegel headquarters? What happens to the historic townscape? Where are the mistakes and successes of Hamburg’s architecture and town planning, and where are the major chal-lenges?