23/10/2011 to 10/11/2011 Aachen architecture - 25 years of gmp in Aachen 


Aachen architecture
25 years of gmp in Aachen

24 October to 11 November 2011
Foyer of the Reiff Museum of the Faculty of Architecture, RWTH Aachen, Schinkelstrasse 1, 52062 Aachen
Opening hours
Weekdays from 7am - 8pm
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Jürgen Schmidt
Christian Gahl
Marcus Bredt
Timmo Schreiber

Following the appointment of Volkwin Marg, founding partner of architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp) in 1986, as successor to the Chair of Urban Design and Building Construction held by Prof. Gottfried Böhm at the RWTH Aachen, gmp Aachen was formed so that Volkwin Marg could engage in commissioned design work in addition to his teaching activities at the Faculty of Architecture.

Design work in the evenings and at night began at the Aachen studio "An der Rennbahn 5/7" with the help of part-time assistants and moonlighters from the university department, who were thus given the opportunity to combine theory with practice; this also created a fruitful interaction between the Chair in the Reiff Museum and the studio.

Following Volkwin Marg’s retirement from his academic duties, he faced an even greater workload from his private commissions and in consequence the small Aachen studio grew into an international practice.

Important completed buildings with a distinct architectural language such as Neue Messe in Leipzig, a pilot project for “Aufbau Ost” (rebuilding the East), individual projects such as stadiums in Cologne, Foshan, China, Kiev, Ukraine, Bucharest, Romania, but also buildings in a more inner city context, such as the New Heart Center at the University Hospital of Cologne and the laboratory institutes of RWTH Aachen, are the achievement of the enthusiastic young team under the leadership of Christian Hoffmann, working from their "An der Rennbahn" base.

The exhibition provides a chronological insight into the activities of the Chair for Urban Design and Building Construction, Prof. Volkwin Marg, and uses pictures, drawings and large-scale architectural models to illustrate examples of projects carried out by gmp Aachen.