"Volkwin Marg: The World of an Architect" 

21/10/2016 to 30/11/2016 Anniversary exhibition for Volkwin Marg 


"Volkwin Marg: The World of an Architect"
Anniversary exhibition for Volkwin Marg

Aedes Architekturforum
Christinenstr. 18-19
10119 Berlin

Duration of exhibition
22 October – 1 December 2016

Opening hours
Tuesday-Friday, 11-18:30 hours
Sunday-Monday 13-17:00 hours
Saturday 22 October 13-17:00 hours

Of the occasion of the 80th birthday of the architect Volkwin Marg, the Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin is staging an anniversary exhibition. From 22 October to 1 December, this multi-faceted presentation will tell the story of one of the founders of the architects’ practice, von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp); animated images, printed material, and publications, presented from two different points of view, tell the tale of an extraordinary personality and the historical and cultural milestones of his life. A ceremony to open the exhibition will take place on 21 October 2016.

The fundamental narrative of the exhibition focuses on a multi-faceted exploration of Volkwin Marg’s oeuvre. Marg’s own writing is represented not only in excerpts from his latest collection of interviews, “The mind so quick, the soul so slow”, which was published 80th the 15th of  October, but also by six other book publications, which serve to paint the rich background of the protagonist’s personality: “Architecture is of course not apolitical”, “Choreography of the Masses” and “On Old Foundations”, as well as the new publication “HafenCity – Secret Project”, and the documentation “Activ – The story of a three-mast topgallant sail schooner”.

Draped in architectural cloaks of different designs, two rooms emphasize the duality that is characteristic of Volkwin Marg’s story: the "rational" and the "emotional" occupy complementary positions with numerous diverging accents and references that highlight the many layers of his oeuvre. The architect’s world of ideas – the rational approach – opens the discussion in the first room, whilst emotional expanse and freedom is the subject of the second exhibition area. Whereas, in the first room, pragmatism is documented in images and films as well as in lectures, essays, interviews, and manifestos, the second room comes to life with large projections and exhibits that reflect Marg’s world between heaven and earth. Thus the anniversary exhibition focuses on the perspective of an architect who, during his journey, was keenly aware of cultural and political influences and declared them the critical basis of his creations, resulting in an interdisciplinary approach to architecture.

Marcus Bredt


General project leader
Michael Kuhn, Head of Communications (gmp)
Team of curators Michael Kuhn (gmp), Detlef Jessen-Klingenberg (gmp), Heidi Knaut, Amran Salleh
Exhibition design and project management Heidi Knaut, Amran Salleh
Support Ingrid Algren Wolf, Rodrigo Andaeta Torres
Visualization Rodrigo Andaeta Torres
Text Detlef Jessen-Klingenberg (gmp)
Editor Detlef Jessen-Klingenberg (gmp)
Press relations Claudia Tiesler (gmp), Florian Steinkröger (gmp), Laura Stillers (gmp)
Image editing Beatrix Hansen (gmp)
Visual concept collage "Emotio" Nele Marg
Visual concept exhibition and communication media ON Grafik – Tom Wibberenz, Hendrik Sichler, Felix Heining, Erhardt Zikeli
Film set up "Architecture is – of course not apolitical" Nikolaus Gojowczyk-Groon
Coordination and realization film set up „Emotio“ Hans-Georg Esch und Oliver Schwabe, Christian Becker, Peter Simon
Film collage "Im Rausch" Hannah Leonie Prinzler
Application programming "Detonation point" Shaken not Stirt, Hamburg
Illustration "Detonation point" Rodrigo Andaeta Torres
Technical support/film cut Guido Brixner (gmp), Nikolaus Gojowczyk-Groon
Model building Christian Werner, Braunschweig, Rodrigo Andaeta Torres, Strg P, Hamburg, Monath + Menzel, Berlin
Model building "Activ" Jürgen Willing, Finkenwerder, Hamburg
Logistics Dieke Eiben (gmp)
Engineering and production Artis Engineering
Production exhibition media Reproplan, Hamburg

The exhibition was realized with the generous support of kvadrat.

We thank the architectural collection of Akademie der Künste Berlin, Eva-Maria Barkhofen