Germany, Frankfurt on Main 

A380 Lufthansa Maintenance Hangar at Frankfurt/Main Airport


Competition 2004 – 1st Prize
Design Volkwin Marg
Project management Christian Hoffmann
Design team Michael König, Sebastian Hilke, Mario Rojas Toledo, Alexander Gruhl, Anika Stapelmann
Project team Andreas Wietheger, Franz Lensing, Sarah Coenes, Jennifer Kielas, Tobias Bley, Olaf Peters
Structural engineering schlaich bergermann und partner, Stuttgart
Technical equipment Heinze, Stockfisch, Grabis und Partner, Hamburg
Client Lufthansa Technik
Construction period 2005–2007
Gross area 60,000 m²
Volume 1,300,000 m³



Jörg Schnarrenberger

Juergen Schmidt

[email protected]

The new hangar is mainly dedicated to the maintenance of Lufthansa's new wide-bodied aircraft Airbus A380. At one time the building provides cover for 4 Airbus A380 or six Boing 747. Lufthansa staff is employed to ensure immaculate technical conditions of the planes, working in three shifts, 365 days a year.The Hangar measures 350 m x 140 m, including a 20 m deep zone of administrati-on and other facilities, spanning the full length of the back of the hangar.The approximately 35 m high, light-silver clad building is supported by its characteristic structure. The delicate support structure has been moved to the outside, to reduce the enclosed volume.The sliding front gates of the hangar are facing North. The translucent fillings of their structure add to the natural lighting inside. The planes silhouette perceivable from the outside, define the elevation of the Lufthansahangar to the airfield.