Germany, Jena 

Abbe Centre of the Jena-Beutenberg Science Campus


Client Ernst-Abbe-Foundation
Competition 2003 - 1st prize
Design Volkwin Marg and Hubert Nienhoff with Stephan Rewolle
Project management Elke Glass, Jochen Köhn
Project team Christiane Putschke, Carsten Borucki, Rüdiger von Helmolt, Susan Türke, Roman Salii, Florian Illenberger, Stefan Both, Sonja Welzel, Henning Raske
Structural engineers Sander-Ingenieure Gesellschaft für Tragwerksplanung GmbH, Erfurt
Technical equipment Brendel Ingenieure GmbH, Leipzig/Dresden
Gross floor area 4,020 m²
Construction period 2004-2005



Marcus Bredt

A dynamic central zone with foyer, auditorium and canteen unfolds between two curved building slabs, which represent an analogy to the bended surfaces in the research by E. Abbe and C. Zeiss. This centre is geometrically continued with the design of the terraced outdoor facilities.