Germany, Frankfurt on Main 

Allianz Office Building


Competition 1993
Volkwin Marg and Hubert Nienhoff
Project leader
Bernd Gossmann
Project team
Christian Klimaschka, Natalia Sevillano, Babette Kowalsky, Christiane Putschke, Felix Gast, Brigitta Kortz, Kathrin Adam, Rüdiger von Helmolt, Jochen Köhn, Christa Hillebrandt, Alexander Buchhofer, Silvia Schneider, Annette Löber, Katrin Kanus, Johannes Erdmann, Igor Markov
Allianz Immobilien GmbH
Construction period
Gross floor area
70,000 m²
approx. 2,000



Christian Gahl

Marcus Bredt

A comb-like development combining new as well as existing buildings forms the framework of the Taunusanlage project. The new seven-storied buildings, which are clad with Roman travertine, take reference from the existing buildings. A spacious piazza functions as central entrance square, from where individually landscaped courtyards lead to the single entrances to the buildings.