Italy, Ancona 

Ancona Airport

Ancona Airport Ancona Airport Ancona Airport Ancona Airport Ancona Airport Ancona Airport       

Competition 1999 – 1st prize
Volkwin Marg and Nikolaus Goetze with Marc Ziemons
Project manager
Yasemin Erkan
Project team
Eduard Mijic, Torsten Hinz, Martin Marschner, Moritz Hoffmann-Becking, Thomas Schuster, Sylke Hoffmann, Ursula Köper, Dieter Rösinger, Regine Glaser, Dirk Vollrath
Kontact architect
Clemens Kusch, Venice
Structural engineers
Favero & Milan
Technical building equipment
Studio TI
Aerdorica SpA
Construction period
Gross floor area
15,000 m²



Francesco Castagna

The classic architectural simplicity as well as the transparency of the new service halls of Ancona Airport serve for the comfort of the user, the economic operation and representative spatial generosity. The consistent separation of departures and arrivals in one terminal hall each generates an ideal orientation for all passengers.

The terminal halls are column-free bridged by widespan steel roof trusses. Steel columns from welded box sections placed outside the halls support the trusses. Two-storeyed function boxes with a grid-like steel skeleton as load-bearing structure are located inside the terminal halls as detached structures. Three boxes are placed next to each other in a terminal hall, interlinked on their upper level with bridges.

The skin of these simple cubes consists of non-transparent glazed surfaces on the ground level respectively of transparent window bands along the office areas on the upper level. The boxes offer space for various uses such as check and control centres for customs and security authorities, airline service installations, shops, offices, staff or sanitary facilities.