Germany, Hamburg 

Apartment and Office Building, Grindelallee 100


Design Meinhard von Gerkan und Klaus Staratzke
Project team
Barbara Fleckenstein, Peter Sembritzki, Harald SylvesterStructural engineers Schubert + Schneider
Technical building equipment
Jeß + Matthies
Bauen + Wohnen Baubetreuungsgesellschaft mbH
Construction period
Gross area
2,420 m²
410 m²
940 m²
1,070 m²



Heiner Leiska

A steel-glass structure forms a second façade layer in front of the monolithic exterior walls. The winter gardens serve as noise protection, whilst simultaneously extending the living and commercial areas. Their window design with single glazing and thermally non-separated steel sections aims for a maximum of transparency and filigree appearance, contrasting with the solid block-like wall surfaces. On all levels the plans are designed symmetrically to the diagonal of the corner site. The main circulation route follows this diagonal towards the rear circular staircase, its glass block wall generating a light appearance despite the courtyard situation. The ground floor and partial areas of the basement are occupied with shops. Offices are located on the first and second level; the upper three levels are reserved for living accommodation.