Latvia, Riga 

Apartment House Jurmala


Design Meinhard von Gerkan
Design team Volkmar Sievers, Brigitte Queck, Oliver Christ
Construction firm Vincents, Riga
Client Firm Vincents, Riga
Construction period 1999-2001 
7 Apartments
Gross floor area 2,147 m²
Volume 6,116 m²



Klaus Frahm

The site's unique location on the city boundary of the Latvian seaside resort of Jurmala allows for a life in the country with wonderful views over the surrounding landscape.

The voluminous geometric sculpture unifies interior and outdoor space, architecture and garden landscape into a comprehensive whole. Walls dissolve into "frames", the exterior space penetrates the differentiated building in the form of loggias and terraces.

The building's geometry is based on the layering of the circular form and orthogonal structure. The white plastered surfaces, characterizing the building's appearance, are contrasted with the large window openings.

The house comprises seven freehold flats on three levels with a penthouse apartment on the top floor. All seven apartments differ regarding their design and orientation towards the surrounding landscape.
The quality equipment meets the highest demands. All apartments have generous living and dining areas and are partially designed as maisonettes over two levels.