China, Lingang New City 

Barcode Halls, Standard Façades for Manufacturing Buildings


Consultancy 2008
Meinhard von Gerkan
Nikolaus Goetze
Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park New Economic Zone Development Co., Ltd.
Gross floor area
Hall 1: 11,170 m², 119 x 72 metres
Hall 2: 7,150 m², 117 x 48 metres
Construction period



Hans-Georg Esch

The industrial plants in the city of Lingang are growing at breakneck speed to keep pace with the development of the offshore deep-sea port.

After the completion of the hi-tech park with GFA of 196,000 m², whose identity is given very distinctive accentuation by means of blue strips, a further complex has been constructed with an interim GFA of 18,300 m².

The very simple and inexpensive design with rendered facades was continued. To create a separate corporate identity, a façade structure was developed analogous to barcode labels. The facades are articulated by patterns of black vertical strips integrating windows and doors.

In contrast to the practice – especially in Germany – of having heterogeneous industrial parks with a variety of structures, materials and colours, these Chinese examples are notable for their rigorous uniformity.