Germany, Berlin 

Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport


Competition 1998 (1st Prize), commission placement cancelled in 2003, the commission process was then re-opened for worldwide open negotiation, commission placed in 2005
Design Meinhard von Gerkan and Hubert Nienhoff with Hajo Paap
Overall Project Manager Hajo Paap
Project Management Terminal Hall Martin Glass
Project Management Fitting out Petra Charlotte Kauschus
Project Management  Associated operational buildings Rüdiger von Helmolt
Contract Management Jochen Köhn
Construction Management Knut Nell
Design syndicate for Willy Brandt Airport, Berlin Brandenburg
gmp Generalplanungsgesellschaft mbh (lead management for building design)
JSK International Architekten und Ingenieure mbH (lead management for overall design)
Project control WSP-CBP GmbH, Consulting Engineers
Structural calcculations Schüssler-Plan Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
schlaich, bergermann and partners
Lighting design Conceptlicht
Visual communication Moniteurs
Exterior design WES Berlin
Client Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld GmbH
Gross floor area
326,000 m²
Railway station 25,000 m²
Associated operational buildings 35,000 m²
Multi-storey car park near terminal/hire car centre 130,000 m²
Construction period since 2008



gmp Architekten, JSK International / Visualisierung: Björn Rolle

Marcus Bredt



Zur offiziellen Website: Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt

The new Berlin Brandenburg airport comprises the passenger terminal and Airport City in the centre of the parallel take-off and landing runway system. It also includes waiting areas to the west and service and cargo areas to the east. All elements are arranged within the axial layout of the whole complex, and form an architectural/functional unit.

The rail connection (station directly beneath the terminal), road and air traffic links are joined together at one point as an entirely new development, thus creating uniquely short interconnections between the different transport modes.

The consistent exterior design concept resonates with the Brandenburg landscape, from the eastern entrance to an urban open space at Airport City in the centre of the airport.

The terminal marks the boundary between the development and the open landscape and forms its urban and structural nucleus. The terminal itself consists of the main hall and the projecting pier buildings. The high, airy hall accommodates the central check-in and baggage-handling functions and provides space for retail and catering facilities. It is also the point where passenger streams from rail, road and air transport converge. The clearly structured spatial layout, in combination with natural lighting, provides easy orientation and a high degree of comfort.

The roof spans the different functional areas in a sweeping gesture from the roadside concourse to the piers, linking the land side with the air side. The objective of the design is to maximise the convergence of structure, spatial relationships, function and architectural identity.

The generosity and clarity of the terminal building is enhanced by the architectural motif of colonnades which form the transition between architecture and landscape, between buildings and open space, giving the new Berlin Brandenburg airport its characteristic style.