Germany, Graswarder-Heiligenhafen 

Bird Observation Tower on Graswarder


Design Meinhard von Gerkan
Project manager Volkmar Sievers
Team Knut Maass, Wolf-Ulrich Berthier, Markus Carlsen, Raimund Kinski, Andrea Moritz
Client NABU Heiligenhafen
Gross floor area 75 m²
Construction period 2003-2005



Heiner Leiska

Located on the farprojecting peninsula Graswarder, which belongs to the Baltic seaside resort of Heiligenhafen, is an extensive natural bird reserve that is a favored site not only for ornithologists but for vacationers and other travelers as well. In order to observe birds in this unspoiled environment without disturbing them, the directors of the bird reserve wished to erect a suitable observation tower, which, thanks to its elevated location, would also provide an exceptionally good view of the entire area and would allow visitors to study details with the aid of a telescope.

The resulting wooden construction made of Siberian larch blends in well with the surrounding natural environment. As a sculpture made of beams and ledgers with diagonal bracing, it depicts a stylized figure of a sitting bird. A two-flight staircase provides access to the 15-meter high tower, which, with its glassed-in observation station, is easily able to accommodate large groups of visitors.