Germany, Hamburg-Speicherstadt 

Block X

Block X Block X Block X          

Design Volkwin Marg
Klaus Staratzke, Wolfgang Haux
Project manager
Reiner Schröder
Project team
Hakki Akyol, Anne-Katrin Rose, Yasemin Erkan, Maja Gorges, Matthias Holtschmidt, Hauke Huusmann, Max Magis, La Jana Weinmann, Tobias Plinke, Birgit Scheffler, Christoph Schrade
Quantum Immobilien AG
Construction period
Gross floor area
5,200 m²
17,500 m³



Bernadette Grimmenstein

Despite an existing planning concept of the Hamburger Freihafen- und Lager-haus-Gesellschaft from 1910 the Brooktorkai sites 1 and 2 had remained undeveloped. Now, almost a century later, this gap site was closed with a new office building, which extends the existing row of warehouses with the same building depth and height and the identical design and material context, thus complementing the Speicherstadt ensemble.

The originally planned twin tower gable with a central partition façade was reinterpreted with a modern treatment. The architectural expression is orientated at motifs typical for the Speicherstadt, such as brick façades with vertical window formats, vertical structures resulting from pilasters and hatchways for loading as well as a visual horizontal division into socle zone, middle zone and roof structures above the eaves line. The design of Block X also takes reference from the cubic buildings by the architect Werner Kallmorgen, which are typical for the location and date from the period of reconstruction after the Second World War.

The prestigious staircase of the new building simultaneously serves as a small glazed inner court and offers a beautiful view over the Deichtormarkt. The storeys can be rented out separately and can additionally be centrally divided, as can the central conference room in the inner court. The solid building socle is accessible via a flight of stairs and provides flood protection in case of extremely high tides. Simultaneously the socle accommodates the car park.