Germany, Kiel 

Bridge across the River Hörn


Design Volkwin Marg and Jörg Schlaich
Design team Reiner Schröder, Hito Ueda, Anne-Kathrin Rose, Dirk Vollrath, Christian Kleiner
in co-operation with schlaich bergermann und partner, Jan Knippers
Client Town of Kiel
Construction period 1996–1997
Lenght 116 m, about 25 m of the length as a folding bridge
Width 6 m



Klaus Frahm

The former dockyard location on the eastern shore of the Hörn is set immediately opposite the city centre and the main railway station. The area will be regenerated as a "millennium project" and transformed into a new area for housing, offices and commerce. As a part of this new area the quarter "Gaarden" will be connected to the city centre by a new flexible bridge over the Hörn.

The double element bascule or folding bridge is a common technical feature of the ship building industry. This new further development of a three element bridge creates a strong maritime inspired symbol for the citizens. Architecture, engineering and kinetic art enter into a new, evident and simultaneously effective fusion.