Germany, Bad Steben 



Competition 1997 – 1st Prize
Design Meinhard v. Gerkan with Anja Meding
Partner Klaus Staratzke
Project managers Justus Klement, Anja Meding
Design team Sigrid Müller, Sona Kazemi
Project team Bettina Groß, Evgenia Werner, Maja Gorges, Jessica Weber, Marina Hoffmann
Client Town of Bad Steben
Construction period 1999–2001
Opening March 23, 2001
Gross floor area 4,216 m²
Volume 20,038 m³



Gerhard Aumer

Klaus Frahm

The ups and downs of gambling serve as conceptual metaphor, which is translated in the wave-like formation of the roof landscape. Simultaneously this is an analogy to the surrounding hilly countryside and the path of the small Steben stream. Five alternated sinus curves correspond to the five-part division of the building, in five houses so to say, which come close to the small-scale surrounding.

As a welcoming gesture a sloped bridge leads from the drive and the car park across the run of the Steben stream into the high entrance hall of the casino. The wave-like roof cantilevers and generously covers the approach. The internal rooms are divided in analogy to the single sections of the roof waves. A use is assigned to each of the five wave sections.

 The widest section in the building’s centre accommodates the halls for the "Kleines Spiel" in the north and the "Großes Spiel" in the south, both centrally divided by the box office. 

Adjoining on both sides are two bars in the subsequent sections, divided by a strongroom, and additionally a restaurant to the south. This is followed by a service section in a further building part on one side and the reception area and cloakroom on the other side of the casino. 

The exterior walls are covered with a green shimmering glass façade. The rear lighting of the glass surfaces generates a self-confident appearance of the building at night, despite its noble restraint.