China, Shanghai 

China Telecom Information Park, Buildings 16 a & b


Competition 2005 – 1st prize
Design Meinhard von Gerkan and Nikolaus Goetze
Project managers Dirk Heller, Karen Schroeder
Project team Christoph Berle, Friedhelm Chlosta, Meike Schmidt, Holger Schmücker, Kai Siebke, Georg Traun, Katharina Traupe, Wu Di
Client China Telecom Shanghai
Gross floor area 24,000 m²
Construction period 2006–2008



Jan Siefke

China Telecom Shanghai will concentrate the technical facilities together with the headquarters, training-, research- and development departments in the newly built "China Telecom Information Park". In 2004, gmp won the 1st prize in an international competition for the master plan. In cooperation with a local planning institute this idea for a master plan has been transformed to a legal base for all single buildings on the site.

In 2006 gmp won as well the 1st prize for plots 16a & 16b, located in the middle of the landscaped central axis. These two square sized buildings with a length of 60 m each will accommodate differently sized lecture halls, conference rooms and administration offices in Building 16a and a "dormitory" on five star-level in Building 16b with about 300 single rooms and suites on four levels each. The main entrance foyers face each other at the central drop-off framed by two glass-bridges which connect both buildings in the upper floors. At the same time the lecture hall building opens to the central axis with a square sized courtyard serving as an additional entrance as well as an "open foyer" for the conference hall. The strong impression of the buildings is generated by the sandy natural stone clad exterior of the buildings which contrasts to the carved-out openings filled with dark-grey glass construction.