China, Dalian 

Dalian Twin Towers


Competition 2003 – 1st prize
Design Meinhard von Gerkan
Nikolaus Goetze
Project leaders
Karen Schroeder, Dirk Heller
Design and project team
Christoph Berle, Friedhelm Chlosta, Kai Siebke, Holger Schmücker, Sabrina Wilms, Katharina Traupe, Meike Schmidt
Project co-ordination in China
Wu Di
Chinese partner practice
ECADI East China Architectural Design Firm Ltd.
Clients Dalian Commodity Exchange, China Railway Construction Engineering Group, Parkland
Gross floor area
353,000 m²
Construction period of Tower A
Construction period of Tower B
until 2010
Construction period of adjoining building (5-star Howard Johnson hotel with 300 rooms)
until 2008



Hans-Georg Esch



Howard Johnson Parkland Hotel

With 53 floors above ground the Twin Towers reach an overall height of 240 m. Both towers are based on rectangular floor plans, with full height conservatories recessed into the centre of each.

Within the conservatories sky lobbies span the height of eight floors each, allowing for spacious lobby and entrance situations on all floors. The design of the façade is based on the structural composition of the building: The concrete core within and the grid like shell outside are load bearing.