Germany, Leipzig-Grünau 

District Centre


Competition 1992 - 1st Prize
Design Volkwin Marg
Partner Klaus Staratzke
Project manager Wolfgang Haux
Design team Kemal Akay, Hakki Akyol
Project team Joachim Rind, Elisabeth Menne, Bernhard Albers, Knut Maass, Angelo Martella, Kerstin Steinfatt, Heidrun Reusch, Marina Hoffmann, Edeltraut Grimmer, Lajana Weinmann, Helma von Szada, Radmilla Blagovcanin, Karen Heckel
Structural engineers Kunkel + Partner KG
Technical building equipment Heinze, Stockfisch, Grabis + Partner
Client ECE Projektmanagement GmbH, Hamburg
Construction period 1995-1996



Klaus Frahm

A "street crossing" with market square and forum becomes a defined spatial, weather protected urban centre in an area surrounded by rough prefabricated buildings. The glazed rotunda having a diameter of 40 metres, forms the culture centre. The closed architecture contrasts to the prefabricated buildings of the surroundings. It is typified by the choice of local traditional materials - artificial stone, coloured steel construction, glass and stone - as well as simplified shaping and construction details based on materials.