China, Beijing  

Dixingju Office Building


Consultancy 2003
Design Meinhard von Gerkan and Stephan Schütz
Team David Schenke, Chunsong Dong
Project leaders Matthias Wiegelmann, Dong Chunsong
Chinese partner practice CABR, Building Design Institute – China Academy of Building Research
Client Beijing Shoulu-Huayuan Property Co., Ltd.
Gross floor area 38.640 m²
Construction period 2004–2006



Ben McMillan

Christian Gahl

In this project HY asked us for an innovative design for an office building in an excellent location of Beijing. Despite the comparatively low height, which was required by the local authorities the building creates an impressive silhouette to the 2nd Ring Road by five head like building slabs which are alternated by generous glass halls. The halls allow a view into the building in order to show the open and friendly character of the office building. Especially at night the glass hall generate a rhythm of illuminated and dark parts of the building.
The basic idea is to transform natural impression into architecture. The façades and roofs are curved like hilly silhouettes of landscapes so that the appearance of the building is apparently different from other office buildings in Beijing.